• The Formula That Plots Itself      That’s so meta…This mathematical formula, like many formulae, can be plotted on a graph.  But when you plot this one, it creates a picture of itself!
  • Benford’s Law    A very strange law of nature, of sorts
  • Experimental Math     What you get when you subtract theorems from math
  • How to Make an Artificial Windbag      As if I didn’t write enough BS myself…  How to write a simple computer program that “talks”, when you give it something to learn from.
  • The Promise of Infinite Monkeys  Given an infinite supply of something (time, space, monkey poo), you’re bound to find something interesting.
  • Fun With Number Theory.   What mathematical concept is named after Hank Aaron?  What’s the Feynman Point?  What formula is correct to 42 decimal places, by coincidence?
  • How Do You Solve a Problem Like Fermi?   The funniest, funnest, and funnyest Fermi Problems I could come up with.






Piet_Program_Hello_World(1) Technology and Design

   Just What The Hell Is…

  • Color Vision — remember primary colors?  Yellow and blue make green?  There’s a lot more to it.  A lot more linear algebra, to be specific.
  • Fire — just what is it?  Plasma?  Pure energy?  The dancing spark of the soul of my inner being?

  • Advice for Physics Majors — As a former physics major, PhD student, and physicist trying to find a job in the real world, I’ve got some advice to give.  (It’s got my usual hilarious jokes, but is serious advice.)
   Original Research

  • A Unified Theory of Booze Drinking — our first original research paper.  A scientific approach to how to drink on a budget, and what to do when it inevitably backfires.


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