Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    What’s this site about?

A.    We’re just a handful of overeducated dorks, writing entertaining articles about subjects that interest us.  Think of it as a cross between a textbook and a blog.


Q.    What’s the catch?  Who are you working for and / or what are you selling?

A.    No catch.  We don’t make any money, don’t sell anything (yet), and don’t do this for any profit.  We simply like writing informative essays on cool subjects that fascinate us.  Mostly science, math, history, and other dorky areas.  We just can’t manage to do it for a living, so we publish this largely unedited website as a hobby.


Q.    Nice site.  Planning to ever actually finish it? 

A.    Shut up.  We’re getting around to it.  For reasons why the content is updated so slowly, see the above answer on not doing this for any profit.


Q.    So what are your qualifications?

A.    We have quite a collection of mostly-useless advanced degrees among us, as well as teaching and writing experience.  Mainly we like to hear ourselves tak.


Q.    Does that Mentos and Diet Coke thing really work?

A.     Dude, you HAVE to try it.  Get yerself a 2-liter of diet coke, a box of mentos, and head for the backyard.  It’ll go all “freshmaker” on your clothes, so don’t wear anything that doesn’t agree with aspartame!


Q.    I don’t really like this lame seafoam green color you’ve chosen for my font.  Can you change it to something more manly?

A.    All right, all right…   I’ve got another font here, under the beer bottles…

 A.   How’s this?

Q.   Much better!  Okay, wait, this font is too cool to use for just a simple FAQ.  Check it out, I’m gonna do something cool…

            [In a low growly voice:]  “The year is 1987, and NASA launches the last of America’s Deep Space Probes…”


A.   Clearly you can’t be trusted with muscular, macho fonts.  Try this one on for size, Buck Rodgers.

Q.    I liked you better back with the self-deprecating jokes.  What happened to you man?  You used to be cool.


A.    Could be worse.

Q.   What?  Hey!    dasd  asdkmasdk m asdkma damdkmsdeeim


Q.    How about I start behaving myself?

A.    Sounds like a plan, Stan.  I agree, McGee.  Ugh, I’ve got to stop writing FAQ’s after drinking Moretti’s….



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