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The Weirdest Scientific Papers Ever Published (Updated Feb '20)

Well, it's only been a couple years since my last post -- I was taking a really really long nap. As part of my tour of the weirdest areas of science to write articles for TimeBlimp, I come across some really strange research papers. While 99% of scientific publications have extremely dry, unappealing titles, the weird 1% make it all worthwhile. Here I’ll collect the best of the best (and incidentally, recycle some material that I had to read anyway into a brand new article. Efficiency!)
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Secret Communication In Nature Part II: Animals (Sept '17)

Some might accuse me of rushing to publish this second article in our series on secret communication in nature, a scant 2 years after the first one. ”How could you have possibly produced such an excellent article in only 24 months??” they’d shout incredulously. And yet, I did. No, this blogger will not wait the customary 8 years between posts, for that would be a great disservice to the dozens of you readers out there! So enjoy, and I’ll see you again in 24 months!
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New Article: Secret Communications In Nature, Part I: PLANTS (Oct '15)

You might have heard that plants can communicate with each other, for example to warn each other of predators. That's just the tip of the iceberg -- of how they communicate with each other, communicate with animals, maybe even are capable of a sort of intelligent behavior. Read our article on Secret Communication in Plants, if you'd like to have ethical doubts the next time you eat a salad…
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