Cool Links

Do check out our good friends on the net:

Jen Caddell, published author.  And here

Frosty Goodness, the best beer review site on the net

Marty-O, a defunct but hilarious blog

You can find the hilarious James Napoli on the web at his home page, his huffington post blog, his alter ego, Mr. Paul Maul, or his mind-expanding Rock Paper Scissors series

You wish you were as funny as Kathy

You know you’re not as funny as Reid Along With Browning

Nobody is as funny as Steve

You don’t know you’re not as smart as John Rehling

If you were as creative as Sam, you’d be creating, not reading these cool links

Violet is probably the best thing about Texas

RandomlyTyping will inspire you to get your butt off the couch

If you could take photos like WhiteSky60, you’d be looking at this page through your camera

How does Ceil have enough time to be this funny?

Diggy is good people.

Andrew is frankly appalled at your use of the cedille.

I disagree that David’s blog is mostly chaff

Steve takes good care of Cincinnati’s books





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