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Hot damn! Now we're talkin! THIS is what a crackpot website is supposed to look like

    Whoa nelly!  What the hell is going on here?  Now this, this is what a crackpot site is supposed to look like.  You take one look at their main page, and you know not to give them any credit card numbers.  This site looks to be more of a clearinghouse of crackpot info, rather than focusing on one guy’s crackpot theory.  Although it’s hard to tell.  There’s so much New-Age nonsense going on here, it’s hard to pin down the meaning of any of it.  It’s really a New-Age website with a sprinkling of physics, rather than the other way around as is typical of our timeblimp “I’ve Got A Theory And I’m Crazy” profile.

The keystone of the site is the online version of their book, “The Grand UniVerse of Primary Consciousness”.  Who capitalized that “V”, right in the middle of a word?  Dude, you left your “v” up.  An interesting wrinkle is the ability they give any random reader to edit and modify the book as they see fit — sort of a wikipedia format, though I imagine their articles steadily move away from coherence and accuracy, in contrast to wikipedia.  If you’re feeling adventurous, give it a try.

Our scores are:

1.  Terrible English:   The absolute latest, state-of-the-art New Age babbling nonsense.  Here’s a sampling:  “Since the Tensor Field is a Wholeness, ratios of tension interacting within the field create lesser and greater compoundments of the field.”  I swear to god, I picked that sentence at random.  Nine out of ten — they just miss the perfect score because at least the sentences are generally grammatical.

2.  All Science Is WRONG:  Yeah, I think so, if I could understand the writing.  Four out of ten.

3.  Irritated, emotional language:  Not much — this site is more about the positive, man, and not all about that negativity that just brings you down, man.  Because, man, have you ever really looked at your hands?  I mean really looked?  This one time, I was standing in a closet, and there were all these wire hangers, and they just clinked together, and it just blew my mind, man…  Well, you get the idea — three out of ten.

Needs more comic sans

4.  One extremely long and ugly webpage:   What is lacking in inappropriate length is more than compensated in horrendous design.  Look here for a great example — wallpaper background consisting of a field of stars, slowy descending behind the multicolor text, reminiscent of the old Journey video game for Atari.  I’m disappointed the main page isn’t inconveniently long, but they have posted an entire book, chapter by chapter, that you can find with a little navigation.  Ten out of Ten.

5.  Completely new definitions:   They made this easy for the smartasses at Wonderdorks — there’s a glossary!  Familiar terms with hilarious new definitions.  For example, “tensor field”, a longtime resident of physics textbooks.  Their definition?  “The Inertial Field of the intrinsic Will of Primary Consciousness that is the emanator of the compound diversity that we interpret as Existence.”  A well-deserved ten out of ten.

The total?  36 out of 50 crackpot points.  One of the early leaders in the crackpot race…


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