Beer Review: Budweiser Ice — The Least Interesting Man In The World

The Least Interesting Man in the World Drinks Bud Ice

He lives in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. He works in accounting for an insurance company that serves other accounting companies. His favorite restaurant is Applebee’s. He is, in short, the least interesting man in the world. And he drinks Budweiser Ice.

Some facts about this man:

His beard is not on his organ donation card. In fact, there is nothing particularly of interest on his organ donation card.
He has never surfed, arm wrestled a dangerous foreigner, nor smoked a cigar in a high-g spinning test chamber. He has, however, scored a hole-in-one in frisbee golf.
A CD, chosen at random from his collection, is 85% likely to contain vocals from Rob Thomas.
The image on his desktop is one of the default selections that comes with Windows. It is centered, not stretched or tiled.
Behind his beard, there is not a chin. There isn’t a fist, either. There is another long boring story about the 2006 draft of his fantasy football team.
He is neither a lover, nor a fighter.

This man doesn’t always drink beer, but when he does, he makes it Bud Ice. Yes, Bud Ice, the beer so devoid of notable qualities one way or the other — it is not a very good beer to drink, and yet not bad enough to at least be an interesting story, like “Country Club” malt liquor. It comes and goes through your life like a ciper, the null set of beer-ness, the beer you’ve probably have had but don’t recall. Have a drink, won’t you, and when you do, please think about the least interesting man in the world.

[end commercial]

[and, end any idea of Walt Liquor’s that he could make decent commercials]

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