Beer Review: Mickey’s — A frosty liquid throwdown

This beer wants to kick your ass, maybe choke you out

The particular 24 oz. can of Mickey’s that I purchased had a picture of an Ultimate Fighting champion on it, with gloves on, dukes up, ready to pummel your liver. Surprisingly, it wasn’t terrible — like most malt liquors, it is tolerable if served extremely cold. Also like most malt liquors, the horribleness factor rises sharply as you approach the bottom of the can. Near the bottom, as your hand’s warmth causes the actual flavor to come out, and as your repeated swilling stirs up lots of frothy bubbles, the remaining beer is absolutely undrinkable. You gotta like the marketing with UFC, though — this beer might be bad, but it’ll kick some butt on the top shelf of your fridge. Don’t put it near the mayonnaise, or someone might get hurt…

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